Cutting the (Trans) Fat: Albany’s Trans Fat Ban & the Future of Regulating Healthy Eating

Sarah Darnell, Staff Writer

Recently, Albany County banned restaurants from using trans fats in their food.1 Trans fats are known to increase the risk of heart disease and restaurants can easily replace them with little increase in cost and no loss in taste.2 Not surprisingly, the Health Commission and the Restaurant Association frame the issue differently.  While the Health Commission sees the ban as a step in combating heart disease, the Restaurant Association warns that the ban is only the first step in a series of regulations that will soon target some of your favorite “bad” food.3

Predictably, many restaurants advocate for allowing consumers to dictate whether they make the switch from trans fats.4 They argue that if enough consumers stop buying a product because it contains trans fats, it will induce businesses to remove them.  Undeniably, the free market system offers consumers the most freedom and businesses the most flexibility.  In fact, several companies have already removed trans fats from their menus countrywide.5 Continue reading “Cutting the (Trans) Fat: Albany’s Trans Fat Ban & the Future of Regulating Healthy Eating”