Albany Government Law Review Releases Issue On Immigration Law Reform

Dan Feintuck, Managing Editor For Technology and Development

The Albany Government Law Review is proud to announce the release of Volume 3, Issue 1, titled Immigration Policy in the United States: What’s Next?  The issue includes a thorough analytical discussion of United States immigration policy.  The law review’s most sizable issue to date comprises 502 pages of scholarship from practitioners, law professors, an Immigration Judge, and individuals working for policy think tanks.

With its fifth publication, the Albany Government Law Review continues its dedication to tackling timely and important topics.  “The Albany Government Law Review aims to be at the forefront of scholarship on hot-button issues that the United States faces today,” said Editor-in-Chief Benjamin L. Loefke. “The United States has historically accepted large numbers of immigrants and has had to continually evolve its immigration policy.  The recent congressional debate on immigration reform makes this a key time to examine the sticker questions of immigration law, especially as it relates to the economy,” added Mr. Loefke.

Professor Patricia Salkin, Associate Dean; Raymond and Ella Smith Distinguished Professor of Law; and Director of the Government Law Center at Albany Law School, and Dr. Paul Finkelman, the President William McKinley Distinguished Professor of Law & Public Policy, are the faculty advisors for the Albany Government Law Review.  Professors Finkelman and Salkin stated: “We are very proud of the high caliber of scholarship that the Albany Law Government Law Review has already produced, and we are confident that this issue will continue the tradition of high quality work and timeliness of challenging subject matter that we have come to expect from the Albany Government Law Review.”

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