Interested in Citing our Blog?

The Bluebook does not contain a formal rule for citing legal blogs under Rule 18.2.4. Because our blog is the product of an official publication, The Albany Government Law Review, the staff of the Fireplace propose that a cite to our blog should be a fusion between Bluebook Rules 16 and 18.2.4.

We suggest that a cite to the Fireplace should feature the author’s name, the title of the post, the official name of the blog (The Albany Government Law Review Fireplace), as well as the posting date and the url to the article since it is only available electronically.

It should look something like this:

Name, Title, Alb. Gov’t L. Rev. Fireplace (Posting Date), URL for the post.

For example: Danielle Erickson, Paterson’s Proposed Soda Tax: Not the Cure for Obesity, Alb. Gov’t L. Rev. Fireplace (May 7, 2010),

Thank you to all our visitors!

– The Staff of the GLR Fireplace