New York State’s Commercial Driver’s License Requirements

By Diana Filkins, Albany Government Law Review Class of 2011

On Saturday, March 12, a bus returning from the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut flipped on its side on a busy highway in the Bronx.[1]  It continued to slide until it hit a metal traffic pole, at which point the top of the bus was severed.[2]  Fifteen people were killed while dozens of others were injured.[3]  The driver told authorities that he had to swerve after being hit by another vehicle, yet other passengers report that the driver had already swerved several times for no reason and had been driving erratically.[4]  Authorities investigated how much sleep the driver had the night before.[5]  In addition, the driver had been convicted of manslaughter and grand larceny in the past, as well as receiving a traffic ticket for driving without a license in 1995.[6]  Due to his traffic violations, his license was suspended and he should not have been driving the bus.[7] Continue reading “New York State’s Commercial Driver’s License Requirements”