Making It Easier to do Business in Rhode Island

Earlier this summer, the Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation’s Office of Regulatory Reform released its annual report to the Governor, “Making it Easier to do Business in Rhode Island.”

The Office of Regulatory Reform (ORR) was established by an executive order in 2010 and reviews the state’s regulatory processes and permitting procedure to identify and improve inefficiencies in the state. ORR also assists businesses, state agencies, and municipalities by directly working with them to steer them through various permitting process. ORR may also “[i]ntevene in any regulatory or permitting matters for the purpose of assuring the efficient and consistent implementation of rules and regulations and to foster the creation and retention of Rhode Island jobs[.]”

The report itself gives background on the RIEDC and the ORR, and provides case studies of ORR intervention. The examples show a variety of reasons for ORR’s intervention, either through direct contact or referral from another branch of government. However, the report does show that these issues were usually resolved in a number of days within contacting the ORR, with the occasional case lasting over a month. The report also identifies examples of “Best Practices” to help municipalities and state agencies adjust and streamline their permitting procedures to make them more business friendly.

The full report is available here.

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