The National Governors Association Redesigning State Government in 2011 and The Big Reset

The National Governors Association (NGA) Center for Best Practices program “Redesigning State Government” has examined state governments throughout the nation to provide examples of efforts that states are making to reform government.  The report includes a review of state government reform policies such as health, corrections, education (including higher education), transportation and infrastructure, workforce, pension and benefits, streamlining government, and revenue management and collection.  This resource provides a list of innovative tactics that various states are currently implementing.  Endnotes are attached to the report providing the resources where these government reform policies can be found.

Redesigning State Government 2011 is available here.

Redesigning State Government 2010 and 2009 is available here.

Along with the Redesigning State Government initiative the NGA has also published “The Big Reset, State Government After the Great Recession” which takes a look at what states are doing to recover from the “Great Recession.”  This includes suggestions on how to lower the costs of core services and how state governments can become more efficient.  Further, the report goes into detail regarding agency reorganization, a reexamination of core services, restructuring public employee benefits, budget considerations, and the creation of a government review process.

                The Big Reset, State Government After the Great Recession is available here.

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