New York’s Spending and Government Efficiency Commission (SAGE)

Governor Cuomo created New York’s Spending and Government Efficiency Commission (SAGE) through Executive Order No. 4 in an effort to reform state government including its structure, operations and processes, lowering taxes, increasing accountability, and improving the delivery of governmental services.  SAGE is seeking a way to streamline, consolidate or eliminate government agencies, authorities, and commissions as well as all other over lapping government duties.  The SAGE Commission is responsible for reviewing the New York state government to seek different types of government reform that would accomplish its stated purpose.  During the review SAGE must provide recommendations that will result in a reduction of at least 20% of the existing New York agencies or authorities.

In December 2011, SAGE released the first set of their approved recommendations.  Under organizational and streamlining government entities SAGE recommends that various agencies in the transportation realm merge such as the Bridge Authority into the Thruway Authority.  Further, there should be shared services among the transportation agencies.  SAGE also recommends that lean management professionals are hired to establish the Office of Lean Management for New York State.  This office would conduct lean events and training sessions for New York agencies.  For operational improvements the Commission suggests that energy efficiency in governmental facilities is improved.

In order to improve and make government more efficient SAGE realized that a Performance Management System must be set in place as well as modernizing the public workforce through various improvements to the civil service process.

A summary of the SAGE recommendation is available here.

A detailed and informative presentation outlining the SAGE recommendations is available here.

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