Local Governments Making a Push Towards Public Private Partnerships

Dovetailing the post earlier this week, State Government Privatization Reform: Examining the States,  it is noteworthy to mention that The Reason Foundation also included a report on local government privatization.  This report provides an in-depth discussion on what local governments are doing to privatize government services to decrease spending.  The report showcases several local government privatization initiatives including the identification of signficant opportunities for local governments to privatize parking services (garages and meters).  The local government efforts showcased and discussed in detail include Indianapolis and their $620 million dollar parking meter lease, Pittsburgh’s rejection and then consideration of a $451.7 milllion dollar bid for a 50 year lease to privatize a large number of garages and meters, Chicago’s long-term parking leases, and the initiatives in New Jersey, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Haven and  Hartford CT, Harrisburg PA, Miami FL, and  New York City.

Fascinatingly, Reason reports on newly incorporated cities in Georgia that have privatized almost all government services that are not safety related.  Other chapters in the report include zoo and animal privatization, library privatization, public safety privatization,  solid waste and recycling privatization, and other miscellaneous privatization efforts implemented by local governments.  This report is a great resource for local governments who are contemplating to privatize services and are looking for case studies to use as a model for their public private partnerships.

The report is available here.