Florida’s Unemployment Reform Requires Testing

In an effort to create more jobs in today’s tough economy, Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has drafted a Job Creation plan, that some are calling the stingiest in the nation with regards to the state’s unemployment insurance plan.  The plan’s key initiatives include; requiring unemployment recipients who fail basic job skills testing to enter a training program in order to continue receiving benefits, focus on state transportation projects that focus on creating the most number of jobs, reduce business taxes, eliminate over 1,000 state rules and regulations that stifle business growth, remove problem board members of Workforce Boards and clean up irresponsible spending.

In response to this plan legal groups are asking the federal government to investigate the state’s treatment of jobless workers.  A formal complaint was filed with the U.S. Labor Department that claims the changes have not given those eligible the full extent of their benefits.  Approximately 43,000 state residents were denied benefits because they did not finish a test as part of the application process.

The Governor still defends this reform, spokeswoman Jackie Shutz says, “Requiring jobless Floridians to take a skill assessment test is the right thing to do, not just for them, but also to ensure Florida’s tax dollars are spent on making sure our workforce is the most qualified in the nation.”

The report can be found here.

An article concerning the plan can be found here.

This post was prepared by Chelsea Keenan Albany Law School ’14

1 thought on “Florida’s Unemployment Reform Requires Testing”

  1. Pretty stupid, if you ask me. My daughter is a teacher with her master’s degree. She had to waste a lot of time taking stupid skills tests for her unemployment.

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