About Us

The Albany Government Law Review Fireplace Blog is the official legal blog of the Albany Government Law Review.   The Fireplace Blog was the first student written and edited law blog in the country to engage in substantive law review-style legal analysis.  We publish brief, well-researched commentary on recent developments in government law and policy, with an emphasis on New York State government.

Our blog articles are written to inform the lay reader, but are also intended to be useful to local and state policymakers who are looking for possibilities within the law to improve government administration and enact meaningful public policy reforms.  We further hope that our moderated comments section, appearing after each post, will afford our readers an opportunity to offer their own critique, and to communicate with our authors.

This blog capitalizes on the editorial acumen of Albany Government Law Review members, and their interest in various fields of public policy.  More importantly, it capitalizes on our generation’s ability to use the internet and online databases, such as Westlaw and Lexis Nexis, as efficient tools for legal research.  Through these vehicles, we hope to create an innovative digital scholarship platform for publication, distribution, and collaboration with the broader legal community.

At the end of the day, our goal with the Fireplace Blog is to combine the traditional law review production model with the flexibility and efficiency of internet publication in the hope of maximizing the potential of published law review writing to be timely, relevant and progressive.  We hope you find our writing here to be informative, and encourage your comments and feedback.

— Julie Gondar, Managing Editor, Fireplace Blog

Have questions or concerns?  Email Julie Gondar at: jgondar@albanylaw.edu

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