Hon. Corey Ellis Offers the Keynote Address at the Election 2008 Symposium

Robert Magee, Staff Writer, RMagee@albanylaw.edu

It was fitting that Corey Ellis, the often-described-as-“up and coming” representative of Albany’s third ward, was the one to open the Election 2008 Symposium.  Mr. Ellis is a bit of everything symposium organizers were looking for in speakers.  Born in the Arbor Hill neighborhood of Albany, the Corey left the city after earning his associates degree at Hudson Valley Community College to attend Fordham University where he earned his political science degree.

In an election in which both Republican and Democrats are attempting to don the mantel of change, Ellis bears the undeniable air of an insurgent.  In winning his seat on city council in November of 2005, Ellis unseated a 12-year Democratic incumbent while running on the Working Families Party line.  A committed community organizer, Corey has been instrumental in bringing the people of Albany’s Third Ward into city government, spearheading the local Obama campaign, and working closely with D.A. David Soares to bring Albany out of decades’ old political malaise.  He continues to work with Soares on the Community Accountability Board at the District Attorney’s office and is the commissioner of the Arbor Hill Little League.

Ellis was enlisted to discuss changing voting patterns and how they are going to effect the outcome of the election this coming Tuesday.1 Ellis insisted that if you are to address the issue at its core, you have to look at voter registration, turn out and suppression.  In this election we have seen a marked increase in the number of people registering to vote2 and significant efforts to suppress their actual voting.3 In many cases we are seeing the same conditions we saw in 2000, when Al Gore and Bush maintained zealous voter registration drives in 2000 and this was accompanied by greater than normal suppression.4 This would seem to indicate, Ellis suggested, that the impetus to vote among voters and the impetus to suppress it are directly related. Continue reading “Hon. Corey Ellis Offers the Keynote Address at the Election 2008 Symposium”