Albany Government Law Review Cited in Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Case


The U.S. Supreme Court held today in McDonald v. Chicago that the  personal right to keep and bear arms applies not only to the federal government and its jurisdictions, but to state and local governments as well. In an epic dissenting opinion, and one of his last official acts on the Supreme Court, Justice John Paul Stevens cited an article by Carl T. Bogus, entitled Gun Control and America’s Cities: Public Policy and Politics, which was published in Volume 1, Issue 2, of The Albany Government Law Review.  

The slip opinion for McDonald v. Chicago is available on the Supreme Court’s website, (the citation is note thirty-five on page thirty-six of Justice Stevens’ dissent).  

For those that are interested in the current gun control debate, copies of Volume 1, Issue 2, Firearms, Militias, and Safe Cities: Merging History, Constitutional Law, and Public Policy, are available. To order a back issue or a subscription to the Albany Government Law Review please e-mail us at